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7 Benefits of Personalized Gifting

7 Benefits of Personalized Gifting

Gifting benefits


Have you ever opened a gift that was made just for you? It probably made you feel as special as having someone prepare your favorite meal. If you have ever received such a pleasant surprise than you are probably thinking of it right now, and perhaps you kept it as a keepsake.

Gifting should always be done with intention and sentiment – a thoughtful gesture to remind the receiver how appreciated and special they are to you. The best way to do this is to give items that show not only your gratitude, but also how much you know them.

Here are 7 benefits of personalized gifting:


#1 Personalized gifts hold more sentiment than common gifts

A recipient of a personalized gift will appreciate the time and thought put into the present intended and curated JUST for them. They will most probably use the item instead of re-gifting it or storing it away and forgetting who gave it to them!


#2 Easy to choose

The easiest way to choose a useful gift is to consider shared interests between you and the recipient. “People are better at choosing something for themselves… if you have something in common with somebody, get something that shares the same affinity, because something you would like will more likely be something they like,” quotes Tiffanie Wen, author of the BBC article “The Science Behind Giving Good Gifts”. You can easily choose from any of the uniquely curated DLISH specialty items as a gift for someone who shares your passion for rare delightful treats as well as artistically hand-crafted tableware.



#3 Your gifts will give great ideas

Everyone struggles with finding the perfect gift, however the gifts you give might prompt recipients to ask where you found it, or where you got it made. Perhaps you gifted the DLISH Coffee Curation, and your friend wants to gift someone else the Mogi Blu Coffee from the same set, then sharing this information will definitely help your friends have a better gift-giving and receiving experience overall!


#4 Takes the bustle out of shopping for a gift

Considering that most customizable options for designing or curating a gift can be found online, you can avoid the hustle and bustle of shopping in-store (especially during the holidays). According to Global Web Index’s flagship report on the latest trends in commerce for 2020, “Globally, 58% of consumers say they’d rather shop online, compared to 42% who would rather shop in-store.” DLISH offers unique gifts from around the world that are accessible to online shoppers around the world, making it easier to find the perfect gift at the click of a button.       



# 5 Guaranteed appreciation

Keeping an ear open for what your gift recipient mentions they currently want or need will almost guarantee that they will love what you gift them! Why? Because they will know you were listening. Simply taking note of simple details such as a friend who wants to drink more herbal tea but doesn’t have a teapot, could lead you to the perfect gift - Piuma Teapot from DLISH! This is as personalized as it gets, giving what the recipient wants without them telling you what they want.


#6 Versatile

Choosing an intricate and unique present can make it much more enticing for recipients to use on various occasions. Perhaps you gift the handcrafted Deco Glass 6-piece set from DLISH - the recipient could use the collection at their leisure as well as special occasions! This is perfect if you want your recipient to get the most out of their personalized gift. An added benefit - they will think of you every time they use it!



#7 Makes gifting easier

Personalizing gifts takes the stress out of figuring out what, or how, to give presents in the future. When people take well to the items you choose from a certain online store, then generating ideas will be that much easier each time you do it! For example, you can gift a unique DLISH Curation to a friend who has a passion for food and design. Your recipient will appreciate the gift, giving you additional opportunities to add to their collection!






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