Terra Limited Edition Coffee Gift Box
Terra Limited Edition Coffee Gift Box
Terra Limited Edition Coffee Gift Box
Terra Limited Edition Coffee Gift Box
Terra Limited Edition Coffee Gift Box
Terra Limited Edition Coffee Gift Box
Terra Limited Edition Coffee Gift Box
Terra Limited Edition Coffee Gift Box

    Terra Limited Edition Coffee Gift Box

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      The Terra Limited Edition Coffee Gift Box is a project born from the collaboration between Milan-based Italian-Brazilian design studio, StudioNotte and DLISH. Passionate about timeless objects designed to enhance the experience shared around the table, the limited edition coffee gift box tells the story of coffee as conduction and how it unites all poles. From when it is picked in the farms to when it is tasted, coffee passes from hand to hand, travels from land to land and meets people from all over the world. 

      Combining stainless steel, ceramic and porcelain, the unique coffee gift box expresses the heat and energy that coffee gives, bringing people together to share stories and create memories. The Terra Limited Edition Coffee Gift Box is a one-of-a-kind gift box that is handmade by local artisans using fine craftsmanship. Carefully packaged in a wooden box, the limited edition gift box contains 3 porcelain coffee cups, 3 stainless steel saucers, and 3 ceramic spoons all to be served on a porcelain tray. All are accompanied by a 250g box of Brazilian coffee by Orfeu. 

      The stitched lines hand painted on the tray and illustrated on the box cover, bring us together, one cup at a time. 

      About StudioNotte:
      StudioNotte is a product design studio based in Milan, founded by Luisa Alpeggiani and Camila Campos. This Italian-Brazilian studio explores the possibilities arising from both the commonalities as well as the similarities between the two cultures -  as if they were the soul and heart of the same entity: one classic, the other exotic; one traditionalist and the other mystical, both passionate.

      The philosophy of StudioNotte is based on the seduction of precious, ethereal and sometimes mysterious objects that take their cue from dreams, on the edge of a knife between design and a unique piece.


      Gift Box Details:

      • Dimensions:
        • 1 Tray: Length 28cm, Width 13cm, Height 1cm
        • 3 Cups: Length 4cm, Width 4cm, Height 7.5cm
        • 3 Spoons: Length 8.3m, Width 2cm, Height 1cm
        • 3 Saucers: Length 9.3cm, Width 8cm, Height 1cm
      • Material:
        • Tray: Porcelain
        • Coffee Cups: Porcelain
        • Coffee Spoons: Ceramic
        • Coffee Saucers: Stainless Steel
      • Color: White & Stainless Steel
      • Designed by StudioNotte
      • Handmade by Italian artisans
      • Box design by StudioNotte
      • Wash TRAY by hand
      • Cups, Saucers, Spoons Dishwasher safe
      • All items are heat resistant 

      About Orfeu Coffee Company: 

      Certified in the Specialty Coffee Category, the highest ranking of coffees, the Orfeu blends are composed of the best beans from each harvest and undergo a complex selection and roasting process, making the quality immediately
      noticeable in the aroma and taste. Orfeu’s coffee is cultivated in the high mountains of South of Minas and Mogiana, under the shadow of a 1500-year-old Jequitibá on the Sertãozinho Farms, by passionate professionals who enjoy coffee every day. Using high-tech, everything is done by hand and heart, so you can enjoy one of the best coffees in the world.

      More than 300 families work on the Orfeu farms, using traditional know-how that has been passed down from generation to generation.  There is a relationship of passion, affection, and respect for the land that is shared by the sixth-generation families cultivating the land and producing the coffee.

      Sweet, with a soft acidity and tropical notes. Floral and fruity. Medium-bodied and pleasant in the mouth. If it wasn't a cafe, it could be the poetic and passionate description that Vinícius de Moraes made of his loves. A charming blend, inviting and easy to taste, without losing originality and brilliance. This Orfeu micro-lot results from a perfect combination of elements, orchestrated by the excellence that comes from the purest pleasure of loving and enchanting. As the poet taught us. And since it is of little use to describe it with words that we don't know how to use as well as he does, we invite you to just taste this coffee. And to dance to its flavors, listen to its aromas and beat its notes.


      • 8.8 oz of Orfeu microlots Limited Edition Coffee 
      • Inspired by the romantic poet, Vinícius de Moraes
      • A charming blend, inviting and easy to taste, without losing originality and brilliance.
      • Aroma: Floral & Fruity
      • Taste: Sweet with smooth acidity and tropical fruit notes
      • Intensity: 6
      • Acidity: Medium
      • Body: Medium
      • Species: Arabica
      • Variety: Macaw
      • Roast: Medium
      • Can be used with Italian Moka, French press and American filtering


      Poem by Vinícius de Moraes: 

      Of everything, to my love I will be attentive
      Before, and with such zeal, and always, and so much
      That even in the face of the greatest charm
      My thought is more enchanted by him.

      I want to live it in every single moment
      And in his praise I will spread my song
      And laugh my laughter and shed my tears
      Your grief or your contentment.

      And so when you look for me later
      Who knows death, anguish of those who live
      Who knows loneliness, the end of those you love.

      I can tell you about the love (that I had):
      That it is not immortal, since it is flame
      But let it be infinite while it lasts.