Classic Panettone
Classic Panettone

    Classic Panettone (Mini)


      Born from a marriage between two lovers and heirs of chocolatier and bakery families, the tradition and delicacies of Boella Sorrisi date back to 1885. Embraced by tradition, local raw material from the Piedmont region of Italy, and attention to quality and innovation, Boella & Sorrisi sweets and chocolates are produced with the utmost attention to environmental sustainability and fairtrade.

      The Classic Panettone is prepared according to a time-honored recipe by Boella & Sorrisi for DLISH. Originally from Milan, Italy the traditional Christmas cake is made with sweet candied orange peels, lemon zest and plump raisins. From start to finish, each loaf takes over 36 hours to develop, and the end result is a unique holiday dessert with a distinctively sweet taste and aroma. 

      • Packaging: 100 g
      • Ingredients: wheat flour, raisin, butter, egg yolk, sugar, candied citrus peels (orange, citron, lemon, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar), natural mother yeast (wheat flour, water), inverted sugar syrup, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids of vegetable origin, salt, natural orange flavoring.
      • May contain traces of nuts, peanuts and soy.
      • Contains gluten, milk and egg.
      • Best enjoyed with a glass of Prosecco.