Around the Table: DLISH Hosts Saghar Setareh

July 27, 2023
Mona Bavar's story by Emily Mais
Dlish Table Dinner with Saghar Setareh - Celebrating 'Pomegranates and Artichokes' Cookbook Amidst Authentic Persian Flavors in Milan, Italy

Dlish Table Dinner with Saghar Setareh - Celebrating 'Pomegranates and Artichokes' Cookbook Amidst Authentic Persian Flavors in Milan, Italy



On Wednesday, June 14th, DLISH Table, in partnership with and Claudio Composti, had the exclusive honor of hosting acclaimed cookbook author, Saghar Setareh, for a private dinner event held in the heart of Milan, Italy.


A Memorable Evening at Dlish Table Dinner with Author Saghar Setareh - Savoring the Essence of 'Pomegranates and Artichokes' Cookbook with Authentic Persian Food in Milan, Italy."

 Photo by Gabriela Gonzalez Rubio


I remember meeting Saghar back in May of 2022 when she joined the first DLISH Table in Naples, Italy. What drew her to me immediately was her charm, insight, and authenticity as she spoke freely about the different, yet similar worlds she has experienced both within Italy and Iran. 

A year later, Saghar released "Pomegranates & Artichokes," a beautifully curated and eloquently written collection of recipes and memories of her journey from Iran to Italy.

Divided into three sections representing stops on Saghar’s culinary “road trip”­– Iran, In Between, and Italy– Pomegranates & Artichokes, features more than 80 recipes celebrating the foods of these regions. 

Using Saghar’s own beautiful photography, and filled with stories of her own personal journey and insights, Pomegranates and Artichokes tells the story of two food cultures, and how recipes are shared and transformed through the immigrant experience. 


Experiencing Culinary Bliss at Dlish Table Dinner - An Ode to Saghar Setareh's 'Pomegranates and Artichokes' Cookbook, Featuring Authentic Persian Cuisine in Milan, Italy.

Photo by Gabriela Gonzalez Rubio 


Hearing Saghar share her journey with us all, set at a table full of Iranian and Italian tastes and flavors, made me reflect upon my own story

I left Iran for the United States with my family at the age of 7 in 1979, at the start of the Revolution. It was a difficult time to be an Iranian in the United States, due to the hostage situation and many other misconceptions about Iranians. 

As a result, my family and I suffered from bullying, attacks, and discrimination. 

The dinner table became our safe place, our refuge, our haven. Regardless of my parent’s stance on the new world, it was imperative for them to create an environment that reminded us of our roots, our culture, and our traditions.


An Unforgettable Night - Dlish Table Dinner with Saghar Setareh - A Journey through 'Pomegranates and Artichokes' Cookbook, Tasting Authentic Persian Food in Milan, Italy with our hostess Mona Bavar

Photo by Gabriela Gonzalez Rubio 


My mother cooked traditional Iranian dishes, such as Tachin, which Saghar also cooked for us that evening. The smell of the saffron was a nostalgic reminder of home. My mother would set a colorful table that would transmit happiness and a sense of peace for us. My father would teach us about the history of Iran, and share stories of their life growing up there. 

Most importantly, he would remind us that the discrimination that we faced was due to people being misinformed. 

Saghar chose to leave Iran out of a desire to explore the world. Her journey led her to Italy, another country rooted in rich culture and tradition, where she felt more accepted. 

During our conversation at the table, I expressed how thankful I was to have learned about Saghar’s story. We had shared cultural similarities, but different perspectives and experiences. 

Saghar is a courageous and inspiring soul, with tremendous accomplishments that she aspired to create on her own. 

Throughout the course of the evening, others at the table were able to share their own immigration and expat experiences. We learned more and more about each other’s own unique cultural traditions and heritage. 


A Gastronomic Extravaganza - Dlish Table Dinner Honoring Saghar Setareh's 'Pomegranates and Artichokes' Cookbook, Served with Love and Authentic Persian Flavors in Milan, Italy.

 Photo by Gabriela Gonzalez Rubio


This is why the table is so important to me. There is an art to sharing our stories, and finding that connection over food and drink in a safe space. To be in dialogue with each other, to listen and to learn, and to find pieces of ourselves in others’ journeys.


A Culinary Adventure in Milan - Dlish Table Dinner with Saghar Setareh, Celebrating 'Pomegranates and Artichokes' Cookbook with Authentic Persian Food Amidst Italian Charm.

Photo by Gabriela Gonzalez Rubio


Pomegranates and Artichokes is not just a cookbook, but rather, it  is a celebration between two cultures. 

To commemorate this night, and in partnership with, we curated a limited edition DLISH ​​gift box just for you. 

Inside, you’ll find: 


  • Saghar Setareh’s stunning new cookbook, “Pomegranates & Artichokes: Recipes and Memories of a Journey from Iran to Italy”. This beautifully illustrated masterpiece takes you on a culinary adventure through vibrant flavors, rich traditions, and captivating stories, where she vividly describes the many parallels that link Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food cultures and shows how ingredients and recipes - unconstrained by borders - are shared and transformed through the immigrant experience. 
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Perfect for a special occasion, to celebrate an anniversary, or to spoil the cook in your life, this limited edition giftbox is a way for you to create your own memories around the table. 


I have shared many tables, savoring the warmth of shared experiences, tastes, and cultures. This passion for connection led me to create DLISH, celebrating the artistry and stories of global artisans through our magazine and intimate gatherings at DLISH Table.


I warmly invite you to join me at the DLISH Table. Let’s come together, share our stories, savor delectable dishes, and create memories that will last a lifetime.   

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