Our Story

We are lovers of Food, Art and Design.

It is our mission to rekindle that joyous spark that we all experienced as kids when receiving a gift - that genuine feeling of curiosity and bliss right before the unwrapping ritual.

We Cultivate Gratitude Through the Art of Gifting

Through our online shop you will find inspiration from a selection of exemplary tastes and unique artistic products from around the world. In addition, we work closely with exceptional designers, artists and producers in order to bring you a vast range of rare, premium, artisanal items for your bespoke needs. To our customers, gifting means spreading joy and gratitude, bringing happiness to both the gift giver as well as the gift receiver, and most importantly creating lasting memories.

& DLISH Team

As curators of delightful surprises and partners in cultivating gratitude through the art of gifting, we are consistently recreating these memorable moments by adding significance to our carefully selected items and distinctive style. Our personalized signature gift wrapping range as well as handwritten notes with your special message enhance the gifting experience.

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We take great pride in ensuring that every gift curation is thoughtfully prepared and delivered with Love and Care.

With over 20 years of experience, our team of creatives, designers and gastronomy specialists, led by our founder Mona Bavar, collectively work to continuously source, curate and deliver the rarest gastronomical tastes with the most stylish designs all across the globe.