Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

~ Albert Einstein


DLISH Limited Editions is a collection of handmade, collectible design and craft pieces from around the world. Each item is carefully selected for its unique style, exceptional quality and innovative approach.

Through their creations, the designers, craftsmen and artists featured tell a rare and revealing story of cultural diversity, local heritage and most importantly, the power of love.


*Some items are available for pre-order and will be shipped in approximately 5 – 8 weeks.
Please contact DLISH Club for further information.

Limited Editions (21)

Speziale (Spice Container)


Champagne Coupe by Lee Broom (Set of 4)


Marble Bowl - Alice Collection


Pyxis Mozzarella Dish


"Alice" Chopping Board


Editions Milano Bottle Cooler E


Editions Milano Bottle Cooler F


Editions Milano Bottle Cooler G


Gisella Vase


Gea (Bread & Oil Dish) - Famiglia Oliva Collection


Elio (Measuring & Serving Spoon) - Famiglia Oliva Collection


Pigi (Olfactory Vessel) - Famiglia Oliva Collection