The Storyteller’s Curation

Unique Artisanal Gift Boxes

Embark on an adventure in taste and narrative with the DLISH Signature Collection. These Artisanal Gift Boxes, each a celebration of creativity, are for those with a discerning palate and a love for the art of giving. Every set in our series has been carefully curated, bringing together the refinement of select experiences and the allure of personalized storytelling.

Forged through collaborations with like-minded creatives, our boxes are distinct works of art. They cater to those in pursuit of rare gift ideas and sophisticated experiences, transcending simple elegance. Within each box lies a world of culinary artistry, inventive design, and captivating stories, waiting to be discovered.

Let our exclusive range of creative gift sets transport you. Each one is designed to enchant and inspire, offering an escape into the art of exquisite gift-giving.

The Bôite de Duchamp: Exclusive Collector's Edition Gift Box


Marquez's Mosaic: The Ultimate Colombian Literary Gift Box


Rothko's Reverie: Limited Edition Artistic Gift Box


Bella Italia Amaro Explorer: Artisanal Italian Liqueur Collection


Artisanal Global Tea Tasting Box


Italian Chocolate Tasting Collection: Gourmet Gift Box


Gourmet Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Set with Camere Olfattive


Olive Oil Tasting Gift Box


Italian Vintage Negroni Cocktail Set: Limited Edition


Italian Prosecco & Gourmet Delights Gift Box


Exclusive Bordeaux & Swiss Chocolate Connoisseur's Box


DLISH Coffee Gift Box


DLISH Risotto Gift Box


Artisanal Pasta Experience Box: Gourmet Italian Cuisine Gift Set


Italian Olive Oil Tasting Set: Gourmet Pinzimonio Experience


Antique Herbs Gift Box


Antique Rose Gift Box


Antique Juniper Gift Box


Terra Limited Edition Coffee Gift Box