by Mona Bavar

A Sensory Exploration Through Taste and Tradition

Growing up as an Iranian-American, our table was a centerpiece of exchange and connection, our safe haven where we freely expressed ourselves while savoring dishes prepared by my mother—each dish telling a tale of tradition and heritage. Meals at home engaged all our senses and enriched our lives with warmth, love, and cherished memories.

Venturing beyond my home, I carried this love for the table and the art of taste, exploring the culinary delights of various cultures and discovering the universal language of food that unites us all. This revelation fueled my passion for creating experiences that celebrate the magic of taste and storytelling.

As part of the DLISH Table tasting events, I take pride in presenting "MASTERING THE ART OF TASTING," a series of tasting guides sharing the journey of sensory exploration and culinary delights.

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From Grove to Table

Step into the "Ultimate Olive Oil Pairing Guide for an Italian Sensorial Adventure" and journey through a world where tradition and flavors unite. This guide invites you to explore the essence of Italy's liquid gold, discover our favorite handmade tasting set, and indulge in the selection of delectable olive oil variants.

Each drop holds a story rich in culture and heritage, connecting you to ancient groves and skilled craftsmanship. Just as cherished family meals tell stories of togetherness, every taste of olive oil carries the legacy of generations.

La Famiglia Oliva Tasting Set

Conceived by master olive oil taster, Mariella Caputo alongside sensory designer Astrid Luglio, the Famiglia Oliva tasting set holds a special place in our hearts. Artfully handcrafted by skilled Neapolitan artisans of the Rua Catalana, each piece is meticulously designed from tin-plated brass and copper, bearing the timeless essence of archetypal forms.

This collection is a celebration of heritage and craftsmanship, encapsulating the spirit of olive oil's journey from grove to table. With each use, you're not just tasting, but engaging in a sensory dialogue that bridges tradition and modernity, enriching your tasting experience in ways beyond the palate.


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