One Is Not Born But Rather Becomes A Woman

March 07, 2022
One Is Not Born But Rather Becomes A Woman

One Is Not Born But Rather Becomes A Woman


“One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.”
~ Simone De Beauvoir



In honor of International Women’s Day (IWD) I want to show my gratitude to some of the extraordinary women that I have had the pleasure of interviewing for DLISH Magazine. From chefs to designers to entrepreneurs and advocates, each unique woman and their personal stories are examples of courage and determination. Their achievements empower other women while breaking the bias – the theme for 2022 IWD. It is through their journey and the people we meet that we “become a woman”.

I personally want to thank each of you for your support, time and encouragement, and most importantly for contributing to this community of strong female warriors who fully dedicate themselves to their passions.  


Rethinking Our Neoliberal Society Through Edible Art: Interview With Le Corbuffet’s Esther Choi

Ester Choi, author, scholar, photographer, and multidisciplinary artist, is the first person who agreed to be interviewed by DLISH back in April of 2020. I was given her book - Le Corbuffet, a unconventional cookbook exploring how cultural narratives in art and design are consumed and reproduced – by a dear friend. The book is filled with “pun-inspired” recipes and provocative images, bringing to light the significance of food, art and design in a neoliberal society. She has been an inspiration as well as an example of how creative talent can impact society and politics.


Esther Choi 


A Rare Breed Of Woman: Meet Henrietta Lovell Founder Of Rare Tea Company 

Best known as the ‘Rare Tea Lady', Henrietta Lovell is on a mission to revolutionise the way we drink tea. After leaving a successful, yet unfulfilling career in finance, Lovell founded the Rare Tea Company in 2004 in London, an ethical and sustainable tea business which trades teas and herbal infusions directly with farmers around the world. I had the pleasure of speaking with Henrietta back in July of 2020 and learn more about her journey from corporate life to entrepreneur, advocate and cancer survivor. Her charm, grace and zest for life is contagious and inspiring.


 Henrietta Lovell


Blurring The Lines Between Reality And Fiction: Interview With T Sakhi

In 2019 Lebanese-Polish sisters Tessa and Tara Sakhi of T Sakhi Studios made the world aware of the socio-political unrest in Lebanon with their instillation The WAL(L)TZ – a 15-metre-long wall made of recycled foam that had been penetrated with cracks and holes, encouraging visitors to communicate with one another. As a huge fan and supporter, we have followed their work from the Venice Architecture Biennale with their installation, Letters From Beirut, a wall of thought continuing the dialogue on the preservation of Lebanon's collective memory and cultural heritage through the voices of 2,000 Lebanese citizens, to their product design, Reconciled Fragments Coffee-table Collection. Their creativity and humanitarian efforts shine light on many of the social, economic and political issues facing us today.          


Tessa & Tara Sakhi 


Putting Pride Back Into The Food Chain: An Interview With Writer Alicia Kennedy

Alicia Kennedy is a food and drink writer that's beating the drum for more holistic food systems. From her freelance writing to her weekly newsletter and forthcoming book, the journalist is pushing the intersection between food systems and food culture. Her passion is present through the words she writes, candidly speaking from her own personal experience in order to bring light into a system that needs to be changed. I have enjoyed speaking with Alicia on more than one occasion about her environmental concerns and how our actions have a direct impact. 


Alicia Kennedy 


Creating Experiences Through Objects With Product Designer Astrid Luglio

Astrid Luglio is an Italian product designer who's working at the intersection between design, food, and experience. Born in Naples and now based in Milan, Luglio has established an impressive portfolio that ranges from delicate glass decanters to charming tableware. Alongside with Ester Bianchi, she is one of DLISH’s featured designer and a woman that I personally consider a friend. Her calm demeanor and thought out approach is part of her grace and creativity. I am forever grateful for all her creative input and efforts.



Astrid Luglio   


Raising Awareness Through Food And Artistic Expression: Meet Tainá Guedes Founder Of Food Art Week

It is said that art speaks where words are unable to explain, and that is how Tainá Guedes, author, artist, food activist, gallerist and visionary behind Food Art Week, communicates her message to the world. Looking at her work, one becomes aware of her purpose – to live thoughtfully and sustainably. Her spirituality and affinity with nature and the world around have been the fuel for her efforts in changing our broken food system, encouraging us to make better decisions.


Tainá Guedes 


Using Words To Fight Sexism In The Food Industry: An Interview With Charlotte Druckman

It is said that the future belongs to the curious, those who do not fear to explore it, question it and turn it inside out – enter Charlotte Druckman, the curious warrior who courageously exposes the many different systematic injustices facing women in the food industry. Using words as weapons, Druckman unites the voices of the many talented female chefs, writers, critics, eaters and influencers who - for too long - have been dismissed, limited and discriminated against.  Her books, Skirt Steak: Women Chefs on Standing the Heat and Staying in the Kitchen, an uncensored, behind-the-scenes tell-all, told through the voices of 70 female chefs, and Women on Foodan unconventional anthology of essays, stories and interviews with over 115 extraordinary women in the food, bring to light not only the pressures and expectations of working in a male dominated industry, but also celebrate the influence women have in the world of food.


Charlotte Druckman





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