10 Retirement Gifts For Boss That You Never Think Of [2022]

November 27, 2021
Best Retirement gift for boss

Best Retirement gift for boss

While retirement gifts aren’t mandatory, many folks want to give something to their bosses as a sign of appreciation or goodwill. 

However, choosing the right retirement gift for a boss can be a tricky process. Where do you even start when getting a gift for something so important? Rather than default to some of the generic choices, this list will give you some unique retirement gift ideas that can not only impress your outgoing boss but show your appreciation for them as well. 


10 Unique Retirement Gifts For Boss

If you’re trying to decide what to get for your boss for retirement, it’s easy to default to some of the standard choices. However, if you want to send your boss off with a bang, then a unique gift is in order. Here are some of the offerings we have found out there that are sure to surprise your boss in the best way possible. 


Antique Juniper Gift Box

luxury gift box

For bosses with a taste for the finer things in life, this Antique Juniper Gift Box has many features that bring forth a sense of class and charm.



This gift box contains more than just the fine juniper box that the items are stored in. Inside, you’ll also find an antique glass decanter and a bottle of Jupiter Grappa in a handcrafted glass bottle. The grappa is infused with twigs and berries from the wine-making process, making it taste similar to a brandy instead of a wine. 



These are the things that stand out about this gift box: 

  • Everything in the box is handcrafted, giving it an antique one-of-a-kind charm

  • The shape of the glass decanter is perfect for dessert spirits and other after-dinner socializing events

  • The grappa is well-known and traditional, making it a wonderful gift for a spirits aficionado. 


Antique Herbs Gift Box

luxury gift herb box

In the same vein as the gift box above, this Antique Herbs Gift Box has several handcrafted and hand-picked items to wow a retiring boss. 



The gift box contains items inside to accent the bottle of amaro. Amaro, made from a distillation of herbal essences, is a digestive liquor meant for its medicinal properties. Alongside the bottle of Amaro Nonino is a diamond cut glass decanter shaped into a traditional size and figure for storing amaro. 



There are some key points about this gift box that make it a wonderful retirement gift: 

  • The antique design of the items evoke a feeling of the Old World, making it great for collectors or those with ties to the Milan region

  • Amaro is a unique spirit that many do not try, making this box a culinary adventure for some

  • The glass decanter makes for a great centerpiece or as part of a collection for any spirits connoisseur. 


Olive Oil Gift Box

dlish olive oil box

Staying true to the Italian tradition of pinzimonio, this Olive Oil Gift Box brings both a wonderful olive oil from Italy and instructions on how to stay true to this Italian culinary practice. 



Inside of this gift box is an extra-virgin olive oil, a hand-crafted glass coppeta, and two tubes of pink Himalayan salt and mixed peppers. Together, these ingredients help craft a delicious dip meant to be enjoyed alongside a collection of crisp vegetables of the owner’s choosing. The gift box comes with a traditional recipe to help the owner of this gift box get started. 



This gift box makes for a great and surprising gift for the following reasons:

  • Not many people have experienced this particular Italian delight, making it a new experience for most folks. 

  • The imported olive oil comes from Puglia, Italy, a region well-known for fine olive oils.

  • The included recipe will outlive the included ingredients, letting the recipient of the gift make this delightful snack as many times as they like without having to remember the proportions. 

Gin Curation


gin gift box

If wines aren’t your boss’s thing, then they might instead enjoy receiving this Special Edition Gin Curation Box. This box contains a gin imported from Milan, making it unique and different from the usual alcohol gifts for retirement.   



In addition to the Milanese gin inside the box, the gift curation also contains a pair of gin glasses to go along with the bottle. These striking gin glasses are shaped to let you catch the 18 botanical flavors used to distill this gin. 



Here’s what makes this in gift box unique compared to other options out there:

  • The gin comes from Milan, making it a brand that not many folks outside of Italy have had a chance to try.

  • The gift box includes glasses specifically for gin, meaning your boss won’t have to get anything else to enjoy this spirit.


Coffee Curation


Not every boss likes to drink alcohol. For those bosses, you might surprise them instead with this Coffee Curation Box that instead features a collection of coffee, accessories, and treats. 



This coffee box contains an eight-ounce container of the luxury Italian coffee brand Mogi. This coffee features a flavor profile of hazelnuts, fruits, and dark chocolate. To complement these flavors, the gift box also has a chocolate croccante to give you a sweet treat to pair with the rich coffee. 

To match these treats, the gift box contains a pair of espresso cups to enjoy the coffee. These handmade espresso cups are big enough to hold a serving of traditional espresso. 


These are some of the reasons you might consider this gift box for your boss:

  • Coffee is more widely enjoyed than alcohol in the West, meaning your boss has a better chance of enjoying this gift. 

  • The box comes with both coffee and a chocolate treat, making it great as a mid-morning treat during retirement.

  • The included espresso glasses give you a good idea of what serving size you should make when brewing the coffee.


Balsamic Vinegar Gift Set


balsamic vinegar

For the more culinary-minded bosses, a drink or snack may not be what gets them the most excited when it comes to gifts. Another of the great gifts ideas out there is this Balsamic Vinegar Gift Set that will give your boss exciting ingredients to add new life to their favorite meals at home. 



Inside of this box, your boss will receive a bottle of imported Italian balsamic vinegar from the Reggio Emilia province of Italy. There’s also a bubble glass handcrafted for tasting balsamic vinegar. The unique shape allows one to use all their senses when tasting the vinegar.



Here is what makes this balsamic vinegar gift set unique and exciting: 

  • The imported balsamic vinegar is excellent as an ingredient for all kinds of dishes.

  • The bubble glass and stand make for a good way to taste-test balsamic vinegar in the future, letting your boss try their vinegar mixtures before using them. 

  • Not all foodie bosses enjoy receiving drinks for their gifts, making this a standout from the norm.

Prosecco Gift Box

prosecco gift box

For the wine-drinking bosses out there, this Prosecco Gift Box Curation offers a lot of what makes this white wine so enjoyable. 



The star of this gift box is the Fiol Extra Dry Prosecco, an award-winning prosecco from the Treviso region of Italy. This balanced, low acid prosecco also comes with a pair of glass flutes for drinking your prosecco. These flutes have a shape that catches the eye with their sculpted stems while also bringing out the prosecco’s natural flavors. 



This gift box has a lot of good features going for it: 

  • The award-winning prosecco makes for a thoughtful and high-quality farewell gift for a boss that enjoys wine.

  • The flutes included with the gift box both draw out the prosecco’s flavor and ensure the gift recipient has a way to enjoy their gift. 

  • The gift box also comes with a jar of imported olives to pair with the wine.

Art Deco Glass

art decco glass

For the quirky bosses out there, this set of Art Deco Glasses could make for one of many eccentric retirement presents. 



This set of six borosilicate glasses each features a unique art deco-inspired design on the front of the glass. Each design is a unique shape and color, making them stand out from the other plain glassware out there. 

When filled to the brim, the glasses can hold up to 12 ounces of liquid, making them great for use at the dinner table or for drinks with friends and family. Also, when washed at low temperatures, the designs are safe for the dishwasher. 



Here is why you might consider getting this unique gift for your boss:

  • Each glass has a unique design, making them look like a set without being identical and boring.

  • With six glasses in a set, there are plenty of glasses in this gift to let your boss entertain or serve drinks without running out.

  • Dishwasher-safe designs meant that cleaning these glasses doesn’t have to be a chore.


White Tea


tip tea white

For the tea-drinking bosses out there, one of the better gift ideas is to get them a tea they will actually drink and enjoy. This White Silver Tip Tea might be their new favorite if you decide to purchase it for them.  



This tea is made from the buds of a tea plant that has a twenty tea picking window. These leaves have to be harvested before the buds open up, as that’s when the leaves have the most flavor inside of them. 

The tea leaves then dry out in the high-elevation sun in the Fujian region in southeastern China. This tea only requires two grams to make a cup of tea, which steeps for one to two minutes to reach peak flavor and aroma. 



There are a few reasons why you might consider this silver tip tea for your boss’s retirement gift: 

  • This tea is a rare find, coming from only one region of the world.

  • The refreshing, springtime flavors infused into the tea by these leaves mean that your boss can enjoy a cup of spring any time of the year.

Himalayan Ginger Lemongrass Tea

ginger tea

Among the other great retirement gift ideas for tea-loving bosses is this Himalayan Ginger Lemongrass Tea. Much like the silver tip tea mentioned earlier, it has unique properties that make it quite special.  



Coming from a collection of small farms in Sri Lanka, this tea has lemongrass and ginger native to the region. These ingredients come from organic farms that grow and dry the tea on-site, using the area’s high elevation to easily pull moisture from the plants. 

Boiling water and two grams of tea steeped for a minute will make for a light, refreshing tea with little difficulty. The flavor of the tea features both hints of lemon drop from the lemongrass as well as the rich tingles of spice from the ginger. 


Here is what makes this lemongrass ginger tea so exciting as a gift: 

  • The tea comes from a unique region of the world and organic farms, meaning the tea is sustainable and authentic. 

  • This tea is caffeine-free, making it a wonderful drink to enjoy as the evening winds down. 

  • You can choose to make the tea either mild or strong and enjoy the flavor, depending on your preferences. 


What to Consider While Choosing A Gift For Your Retiring Boss

Choosing a retirement gift for boss can be a stressful process if you don’t know what to do. While many folks have a good relationship with their bosses, the idea of giving a poor gift before they leave for retirement is nerve-wracking for some folks. 

The good news is, if you feel this way about choosing a gift, it means that you care. Having that compassion and desire to do right for them means that you are on the right track to selecting a gift that will mean a lot to your boss. 

If you need some help narrowing down your ideas to something that your boss will appreciate, then start with some of these ideas: 


  • Match the tone of your relationship with your boss: Whether you have a more formal or more casual relationship with your boss, matching that tone will ensure that you give your boss something appropriate to them. 

  • Choosing something meaningful to the recipient: Your boss will love a gift that matches their interests or quirks over a generic gift like a gift card. 

  • Personal touches go a long way: If you can add your personal touch to a gift in addition to matching the gift to your boss’s interests, you’ll be giving them a memory instead of just a gift.

  • Don’t skip out on presentation: Beautiful or well-crafted containers for the gift can make it stand out amongst the gift bags and card envelopes that your boss will receive at their retirement party.

  • Write something to go with the gift: Even if you don’t have much to say, a hand-written card or note to go with the gift will go a long way to show your thoughtfulness.

If you can follow these guidelines when choosing and preparing your boss’s gift, you’ll improve the chances that you give them something they will love. Even if the gift you give doesn’t land the way you intend, the thought and effort you put into it will always shine through. 



When it comes to gifts for your boss, the best practice you can take is to match your gift to your boss’s tastes. If you can line up your boss with something they will enjoy, it will mean that much more to them than a generic card can ever convey. 

If you read through this list and still didn’t find what you were looking for, our collection has a wide range of gift ideas you can get inspiration from. Check out the pages for the products listed here and in our store to see if you can find something that will impress your boss and set them up well for retirement.