The Power of an Elegantly Curated Gift Box

September 28, 2022
by Mona Bavar
The Power of an Elegantly Curated Gift Box

The Power of an Elegantly Curated Gift Box

The Power of an Elegantly Curated Gift Box

We have all been there - the burdensome task of finding the right gift. The one that will express your gratitude, show your appreciation and leave a lasting memory. The gift that will not be regifted or returned. The gift that will remind them of you every time they see it and not the one that will be pushed to the back of the closet only to gather dust.

Recently, I had to attend a dinner hosted by a dear friend who is famous for curating a table fit for royalty. From the centerpiece to the colorful linen to the antique dishes used, she pays attention to every detail, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Her guest list includes a diverse, intimate crowd of artists, designers and entrepreneurs. The conversations shared are elevating and dynamic encouraging us to always stay well over our welcome.

Whether a bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers or our favorite chocolate dessert, we have been taught to never attend a dinner party without a gift. But what to gift is the dilemma – not because we can’t just grab a bottle from our local wine shop, but because we want to stand out and make sure our magnificent host feels our gratitude.

Being in the gifting business for so many years, I have realized the most important information to have when gifting is who is the gift for and what they love. Yes, it requires a little bit of research and it can become very time-consuming but the end result is powerful, leaving the gift receiver in awe and the gift giver satisfied. When our clients come to us, it is because they want to take the time-consuming task of finding the right gift to experts.

The evening of the dinner I took our Prosecco gift box to my friend’s home, and of course, she was delightfully surprised. She appreciated the bottle of artisanal Prosecco from the Italian region of Veneto (home of the prosecco), the two elegantly designed flutes and the jar of olives. The idea was to gift more than just a simple bottle of prosecco which would be finished before dinner had even started and the bottle would have been thrown away with the other number of bottles that would have been drunk that night. My intention was to gift her an experience that she would remember well after the dinner party was over.

When you gift an elegantly curated gift box – not the gift boxes that have the maddening shredded gift fillers with jars and bottles loosely laid out – you don’t just gift objects, you gift an experience. The many layers of unwrapping to finally arrive at the much-anticipated gift add to the sense of intrigue, the excitement. You can’t wait to reveal the surprise that awaits you. Companies like Apple, Hermes, Gucci and many others understand this.

The prosecco gift box represented not only a bottle of prosecco to share with her guests but also two unique flutes to enjoy on other occasions as well as a jar of olives to be used as she pleased. Each piece individually is enjoyed at different moments while reminding her of the gift she had received and of the person who had given it to her – in this case, me.

It is important to take into consideration that an elegantly curated gift box is not overpacked with random useless objects. Instead, a gift box that truly stands out should contain no more than 3-5 items that complement each other and that tell a story – one which can be shared with others, creating conversations that will be remembered forever. That is the power of an elegantly curated gift box.

Curating the perfect gift box requires creativity, refined taste and imagination. To create a box that communicates the flavors developed by culinary experts and the objects innovated by talented designers becomes a work of art – one that is sure to leave a memorable impression on the gift receiver.

At DLISH we have taken it upon ourselves to curate limited edition, distinct gift boxes with our signature luxury packaging and unique food and design items. Each expertly curated and beautifully prepared gift box is an ode to fine craftsmanship, and an indulgent story waiting to be told.

Here are some of our seasonal, limited edition gift sets designed for those with an eye for style and taste for exceptional cuisine. Certain to leave a lasting impression.



Black soft touch gift box with 3 brass tools for olive oil tasting. Yellow and green colors with a tin bottle of olive oil.



The Olive Oil Tasting Gift Box (La Famiglia Olivia Collection)

Stemming from a mutual passion for food and design and the special moments shared around the table, DLISH and have partnered to bring you The Olive Oil Tasting Gift Box. The multisensory gift box puts together the exquisite and rare DOP extra virgin olive oil of the Amalfi Coast in Italy with three characteristic handmade vessels designed to enhance the olive oil tasting experience while stimulating curiosity. Each vessel signifies the three fundamental elements for cultivating an olive tree:  


  • Gea (the earth) is used as an oil dish for dipping bread, a welcome ritual that evokes ancient traditions while enhancing the tasting olive oil tasting experiencing
  • Elio (the sun) represents the ideal quantity to add to your dish, the perfect dose for stimulating well-being and avoiding waste and oxidation.
  • Pigi (the Spring) introduces the olfactory experience by arousing the sense of smell. Through the perfectly shaped opening, you breathe in the sweet, intense smell with a natural gesture. Immediately after the sense of taste is triggered, ensuring an even circulation of the aromatic components in the mouth

A truly unique gift for the connoisseur in your life, The Olive Oil Tasting Gift Box comes stylishly wrapped in a DLISH Signature Collection luxury gift box.


The Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Gift Box

The Balsamic Vinegar Gift Box allows you to reactivate your senses with gourmet Balsamic Vinegar and an innovative Camere Olfattive by Astrid Luglio. Immerse in a sensory tasting experience by first smelling, then tasting, your ingredient of choice. A unique gift for all kinds of occasions, the Balsamic Vinegar Gift Set inspires sensory enjoyment while showing how much you care. Exquisitely wrapped in a DLISH Signature Collection luxury gift box, making it a joy to unwrap before drizzling, dipping, and savoring.


Open gift box with a bottle of aged balsamic vinegar, a marble base for a glass olfactory experience


Special Edition Gin Gift Box

The Special Edition Gin Gift Box takes your senses on an olfactory journey with Giass Dry Gin direct from Milan. Made from a union of 18 botanicals, its bouquet of flavors transports you to a warm afternoon in the Italian sunshine. Serve in the perfect glass by KnIndustrie. Ideal for gin lovers or friends who like something a little bit different, the Special Edition Gin Gift Set Curation is a perfect way to celebrate a milestone occasion or show your heartfelt gratitude. Stylishly packaged in DLISH Signature Collection luxury gift box, making it as delightful to unwrap as it is to savor with loved ones.


Bottle of Gin with 2 tumblers in a yellow motif gift box.


Coffee Gift Box 

The Coffee Gift Box includes a classic, full-bodied Italian coffee coupled with delicious crunchy nugget bites. The finishing touch is a contemporary yet timelessly elegant espresso cup from Ichendorf Milano. Whether for your friends, family, or coffee-loving colleagues, it’s a gift that recognizes fine tastes and the importance of me-time morning rituals. To make the most of the moments that matter, the Coffee Gift Box comes beautifully wrapped in a DLISH Signature Collection luxury gift box.



Pasta Gift Box  

The DLISH Pasta Gift Box contains artisanal, high-quality pasta and homemade tomato sauce with a Bitossi Home pasta bowl for serving. Perfect for all special occasions – from birthdays to weddings – it’s a wonderfully thoughtful way to treat those in your life who have an appreciation for gourmet delights and eccentric design. Delightfully surprise the pasta lover in your life with this unique gift box.



Wine Gift Box 

With French wine from Bordeaux in a uniquely illustrated bottle, a pair of stylish wine glasses, and a trio of decadent Swiss chocolate bars designed to inspire world change, the DLISH Wine Gift Box is a truly unforgettable curation. An indulgent gift that guarantees a relaxing or romantic night in, the French Wine Gift Box is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or to simply say thank you.



Risotto Gift Box  

The DLISH Risotto Gift Box allows you to delight in the Italian ritual of ‘fare la scarpetta’, with a duo of charming plates designed for your piece of bread or little shoe to mop up any remaining sauce. Express your feelings of love, and gratitude, or simply inspire an evening of stimulating conversation around the dinner table. The risotto is a tasty dish filled with history, taste and tradition, making it a memorable gift to enjoy on more than one occasion.



DLISH Prosecco Italian Gift Box 

The DLISH Prosecco Italian Gift Box includes a lively and refreshing bottle of Prosecco blended by Fiol’s modern-day artisans. Delightful on the palate, enjoy a statement Ichendorf Kokeshi flute alongside delicious Frisino olives. Ideal for all occasions, the Prosecco Italian Gift Box is a thoughtful way to show your gratitude while encouraging enjoyment and pleasure.



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