Artisanal Global Tea Tasting Box
Artisanal Global Tea Tasting Box
Artisanal Global Tea Tasting Box
Artisanal Global Tea Tasting Box
Artisanal Global Tea Tasting Box
Artisanal Global Tea Tasting Box
Artisanal Global Tea Tasting Box
Artisanal Global Tea Tasting Box

    Artisanal Global Tea Tasting Box

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      Immerse yourself in the DLISH Artisanal Tea Tasting Journey, a curated expedition into the world of fine teas. This exclusive collection is a celebration of rare and artisanal tea flavors from around the globe. From the historic tea gardens of Malawi to the esteemed estates of England, each tea in this journey is selected for its unique character and story. Designed for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike, this tea-tasting box is an invitation to indulge in the art of tea, experiencing the subtleties and complexities that only the finest loose-leaf teas can offer.


      Key Features: 

      • Rare Malawi English Breakfast Tea: Sourced from Satemwa, Malawi's oldest tea estate, this handcrafted black tea offers a deep, malty flavor with caramel and burnt sugar notes. It's a perfect choice for a luxurious breakfast or afternoon indulgence.
      • Traditional Earl Grey Tea: Blended with the finest Indian Assam tea and natural bergamot oil, this tea, cultivated at the historical Tregothnan Estate, delivers a bright infusion with exhilarating citrus notes, perfect with or without milk.
      • Green Tea & Mint: A delicate blend of pan-fired spring mint green tea from Zhejiang and uplifting Malawian spearmint, offering a smooth, clean taste. It's a refreshing choice for any time of the day.
      • Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each tea variant is crafted with meticulous care, reflecting the heritage and skill of the tea gardens and their artisans.
      • Sustainable and Ethical: Committed to eco-friendly practices, the Rare Tea Company ensures pesticide-free tea cultivation, aligning with modern ethical standards.
      • Raz Maker Tea Strainer: Enhance your tea experience with a hand-formed brass tea strainer by Raz Maker, a unique, handmade addition to this exquisite collection.
      • Packaging and Preparation: Each tea comes with specific preparation instructions for the perfect brew, packaged in quantities ideal for discerning palates.


      Product Details:

      • Malawi English Breakfast Tea

        • Origin: Satemwa Estate, Shire Highlands, Malawi.
        • Type: Handcrafted Black Tea.
        • Flavor Profile: Deep, rich, malty with notes of caramel and burnt sugar.
        • Best For: Breakfast or afternoon tea.
        • Packaging: 50g loose-leaf.
        • Pairing Suggestions: Complements eggs, bacon, clotted cream, and scones. Delicious both black and with milk, turning sweet and chocolaty.
      • Earl Grey Tea

        • Origin: Tregothnan Estate, England.
        • Type: Black Tea with Bergamot Oil.
        • Flavor Profile: Clean, bright infusion with exhilarating citrus notes.
        • Best For: Enjoyed with or without milk, or with a twist of lemon zest.
        • Packaging: 50g loose-leaf.
        • Special Note: Blended with high-quality Indian Assam tea and natural bergamot oil. Perfected over seven years of trials.
      • Green Tea & Mint

        • Origin: Zhejiang Province, China (Green Tea); Malawi (Spearmint).
        • Type: Green Tea with Spearmint.
        • Flavor Profile: Smooth, round mouthfeel with a refreshingly clean and uplifting flavor.
        • Best For: A soothing and rejuvenating experience at any time of day.
        • Packaging: 25g loose-leaf.
        • Special Note: Green tea is handcrafted with a light pan-firing method; spearmint sourced sustainably from smallholder farms in Malawi.
      • Additional Components:

        • Raz Maker Tea Strainer:
          • Material: Hand-formed brass, riveted with eco-silver.
          • Dimensions: 11 x 5 cm.
          • Function: Designed to sit in your cup and catch brewed loose-leaf tea.
          • Care: Handwash recommended, not dishwasher safe.