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      The KnIndustrie Clear Glass Pot is an innovation in cookware. When cooking on the stove, you have to keep stirring the pot and checking to ensure that whatever you are cooking is not clumping together, which is true with sauces and noodles. When you use clear cooking pots, you will see what your food is doing as you cook it.

      Famed Italian designer Massimo Castagna created this amazing cooking and serving pot for knIndustrie. When you are not using it to cook, you can use it to cool champagne.


      Key Features

      • Material: Borosilicate Glass
      • Dimensions: Height 20 cm, Diameter 24 cm
      • Serves as a serving dish, wine cooler, decorative item
      • Cover not included. Sold separately


      Your noodles will never clump together again when you use this magnificent pot. You will never have to worry about a cheese sauce coagulating or a gravy you are making clumping together. You can see everything that is happening from across the room. You will be able to concentrate on cooking the rest of your food when you use this Brilliantly designed cookware.


      In addition to being the perfect pot for pasta, soups, and sauces, this pot converts into a serving bowl. You will be able to see every layer of a seven-layer dip if you put it in this bowl. You will also be able to see all the delicious ingredients of a salad. No one will ever be cheated out of the best ingredients in a bowl of soup when you can see exactly what you are ladling out with this versatile pot.

      When you are not using it to cook or serve, you can throw some ice in it and put a bottle of champagne on it. It is the perfect size to hold a bottle.


      • Leave to cool before washing
      • Do not use metal utensils
      • Only use warm water and a soft sponge with a small amount of mild detergent to clean. 


      Massimo Castagna

      Primarily a furniture designer, Massimo Castagna holds a degree in architecture from Milan Politecnico. His designs are practical, ergonomic, and beautiful.


      KnIndustrie is an inventive, forward-thinking brand founded in Milan in 2011. They make high-quality cookware that can be used to serve food.