Marquez's Mosaic: Exquisite Colombian Culture and Literature Gift Set
Artisan Collaboration in Garcia Marquez Themed Collector's Box
Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Novel in Unique Colombian Culture Gift Set
LA HECHICERA Colombian Aged Rum in Marquez-Inspired Literary Gift Box
Criollo Dark Chocolate Bar in Magical Realism Themed Gift Box
Romeo y Julieta Cuban Cigar in Garcia Marquez Inspired Gift Collection
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    Marquez's Mosaic: The Ultimate Colombian Literary Gift Box

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      "Marquez's Mosaic" is a curated journey into the world of Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This limited-edition gift box, in collaboration with Los Trapitos al Sol, intertwines the essence of Marquez's magical realism with the vibrant culture of Colombia. Each item has been thoughtfully selected to reflect the themes and settings of Marquez's narratives, creating an immersive literary experience while enjoying the art of fine living. 


      Curated Selection:


      • "One Hundred Years of Solitude" Book Copy: Dive into Marquez's iconic novel, a masterpiece of magical realism that paints a vivid picture of Colombian life and legend.
      • LA HECHICERA Fine Aged Rum (700 ml): A Colombian rum with a symphony of toffee, orange peel, tobacco, and roasted coffee notes, embodying the narrative depth and sensory richness of Marquez's work.
      • Criollo Blend 100% Dark Chocolate Bar (50g): A bar of pure Criollo cocoa, offering delicate dried fruit notes and a hint of bitterness, akin to the nuanced layers of Marquez’s storytelling.
      • Romeo y Julieta No. 3 Cuban Cigar: A luxurious cigar that reflects the leisure and depth of Latin American culture, perfect for contemplative moments akin to those in Marquez’s stories.
      • Silk and Cotton Blend Palm Tree Pattern Cloth Napkins: Handmade in Colombia, these napkins echo the lush landscapes that backdrop Marquez's tales, bringing a piece of Macondo to your home.


      Ideal For:


      • Literary Connoisseurs: Fans of Marquez's magical realism and those who cherish the art of storytelling.
      • Cultural Enthusiasts: Individuals fascinated by the rich tapestry of Colombian culture and history.
      • Lovers of Latin American Artistry: Admirers of the vibrant cultural mosaic and literary heritage of Latin America.
      • Unique Gift Seekers: Those looking for a one-of-a-kind, immersive gift experience.
      • Admirers of Fine Spirits and Chocolate: Aficionados who appreciate the finer things in life, from exquisite rum to artisanal chocolate.


      Why This Box Is Special:

      "Marquez's Mosaic" is more than a gift box; it's an immersive journey into the heart of Colombian magical realism. Each element is carefully selected to resonate with the themes of Marquez's novels, providing an experience that celebrates the essence of his literary world and the cultural vibrancy of Colombia.


      Collaboration with Los Trapitos al Sol:

      In this unique collaboration with Los Trapitos al Sol, founded by the talented Carolina Sanchez, "Marquez's Mosaic" merges the art of storytelling with Latin American artistry. Carolina’s flair for combining Colombian vibrancy with Italian elegance enhances the essence of the box, adding an authentic touch that resonates with Marquez's magical realism. This partnership embodies a shared passion for celebrating Colombian culture and the rich tapestry of its heritage, making each item in the box a testament to collaborative creativity and cultural pride.