Italian Marble 'Cooler F': Elite Hosting Marvel
Italian Marble 'Cooler F': Elite Hosting Marvel
Italian Marble 'Cooler F': Elite Hosting Marvel
Italian Marble 'Cooler F': Elite Hosting Marvel

    Italian Marble 'Cooler F': Elite Hosting Marvel

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      Introducing Cooler F - a symbol of luxury, exclusivity, and exceptional Italian craftsmanship. Part of the revered 'Cooler' Collection, this cooler isn’t just a tableware item, it's a statement of elegance.


      Key Features:

      • Designer Excellence: Exclusively conceptualized by Pietro Russo for Editions Milano, every Cooler F speaks of Italy's unparalleled expertise in luxury creations.

      • Red Levanto's Allure: The heart of the Cooler F is the rare Red Levanto marble, mined from Italy’s quarries, captivating with its deep purple, cherry red, and potent white veining.

      • Melange of Marbles: Each cooler is an art piece, meticulously blended from premium marbles like Grand Antique, Arabescato, and more, celebrating marble’s multifaceted beauty.

      • Functional Brilliance: Featuring a brass glass interior, the cooler not only offers an aesthetic appeal but naturally maintains the coolness of your beverages, eliminating the need for ice.

      • Elegant Dimensions: At 40cm in height and 12.5cm in diameter, its stature is both imposing and functional, fitting an array of bottle sizes.


      Why Choose Cooler F?

      • Host with Sophistication: Tailored for elite table settings, it amplifies the luxe quotient of your hosting setup.

      • Gift of Elegance: An impeccable gift choice for those with a penchant for luxury, Italian design, and unmatched craftsmanship.

      • Unyielding Quality: Constructed from the best Red Levanto marble and brass, this cooler promises both aesthetic charm and lasting durability.

      Experience the zenith of luxury hosting with Cooler F, a marble tableware icon straight from Italy. Perfect for elite hosts, interior designers, and marble lovers, its Red Levanto marble and brass glass interior set new standards in luxury. A masterpiece that represents Italian elegance, luxury, and craft.


      Note: Due to the inherent nature of marble, each Cooler F piece is distinct. Variations in pattern and color are natural characteristics, making every item unique.