Green Tea With Mint
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Green Tea With Mint Tea

    Green Tea With Mint Tea

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      A delicate, pan-fired spring mint green tea, the Green Tea & Mint loose leaf from the Rare Tea Company has been combined with an uplifting blend of spearmint from selected smallholders in Malawi.

      Green tea: A handcrafted Spring green tea from Zhejiang province (home to the famed Dragon Well) pan fired with a lightness of touch to just twist the leaves rather than press them.  This delicate method produces a delicate green tea with a smooth mouthfeel and a refreshingly clean flavor.

      Spearmint: An addition of an uplifting blend of Spearmint from a collective of small holders in Malawi. This is a year-round, sustainable crop, mostly grown by women on less than a hectare of land, allowing for an invaluable extra income. 



      • Quantity:   Use 2g of tea per 150ml of water.
      • Temperature:   For the optimum infusion use 75°C (167°F) water.
      • Time:   Infuse for 1 - 2 minutes, tasting regularly.
      • Infusions:   You can infuse this tea at least twice.  With each careful infusion, different subtleties of flavour are revealed.
      • Cost per cup:  24 cents per cup based on 2g of tea per 150ml of water and 2 infusions.


      Product Details: 

      • Packaging: 25g
      • Smooth, round mouth-feel and a refreshingly clean flavour
      • Soft and gently uplifting