Italian Vintage Negroni Cocktail Set: Limited Edition
Italian Vintage Negroni Cocktail Set: Limited Edition
Italian Vintage Negroni Cocktail Set: Limited Edition
Italian Vintage Negroni Cocktail Set: Limited Edition
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    Italian Vintage Negroni Cocktail Set: Limited Edition

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      Indulge in the art of classic Italian cocktails with the 'DLISH Italian Vintage Negroni Cocktail Set.' This exclusive set, a jewel in the crown of cocktail connoisseurs, features two elegantly crafted vintage glasses from Royal Crystal Rock, renowned for their exquisite Italian craftsmanship. Accompanied by a premium Negroni mix set, this gift box is the epitome of luxury and tradition, perfect for those who appreciate the finer aspects of cocktail culture. Ideal for special occasions, this limited edition ensemble celebrates the timeless elegance and rich flavor profile of the iconic Negroni.


      Key Features:

      • Royal Crystal Rock Vintage Glasses:

        • Origin: Expertly crafted in Italy by renowned artisans.
        • Design: Each of the six glasses features a refined vertical cut, showcasing Italy's esteemed design heritage.
        • Specifications: Standing at 15 cm with a diameter of 6.2 cm, perfect for various cocktails.
        • Quality: Robust and substantial feel, ensuring durability and a premium touch.
      • Exclusive Negroni Mixer by Rossi D'Angera:

        • Heritage: Crafted by the Rossi family, a name synonymous with over 170 years of Italian distilling excellence.
        • Collection: The Mixini Collection includes 100 ml bottles each of gin, vermouth, and bitter from the Rossi family's distillery.
        • Versatility: Perfect for crafting your personal Negroni or exploring other cocktail creations.
      • Limited Edition:

        • This gift set is a rare find, with only one box available, making it a coveted item for collectors and connoisseurs.
      • Perfect Gift: Arriving in pristine condition, this set is an ideal gift for those who appreciate vintage Italian craftsmanship and the art of cocktail making.

      • Negroni Recipe Included: Complete with a classic Negroni recipe, this set invites you to indulge in an authentic Italian cocktail experience.


      Ideal For:

      Aficionados of vintage barware, cocktail enthusiasts, and collectors of unique, high-end drinkware sets. This set is perfect for those who cherish the finesse of Italian design and the rich history of cocktail culture.