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italian coffee beans
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    Meaza Italian Coffee Beans

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      Cultivated in the small village of Wotto Na Bultuma, Ethopria, the Meaza Italian Coffee Beans gets its name from Meaza Ashenafi, the Ethopian activist who relentlessly fights for women's rights. With a citrus acidity and hints of peach, apricot and berries, the washed beans give the coffee a soft yet intense character, very much like the activist. The aftertaste will leave notes of cocoa and dried nuts. 

      A sustainable coffee for the courageous and determined. 


      • 8 oz Coffee Beans
      • 100% Single-origin Arabic
      • Courageous and determined
      • Preparation: Best results when prepared with an Italian Moka or French Press
      • Pairs perfectly with a piece of chocolate or nugget.
      • Soft yet intense
      • Hints of peach, apricot and berries
      • Notes of cocoa and dried nuts