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    Italian Prosecco & Gourmet Delights Gift Box

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      Indulge in a taste of Italy with our "Italian Prosecco & Gourmet Delights Gift Box," a premium selection brought to you by DLISH. This exquisite gift box is a symphony of Italian finesse, blending the effervescent charm of Fiol Extra Dry Prosecco with the rich culinary heritage of Puglia's Frisino olives, all complemented by the elegant design of Ichendorf Kokeshi Flutes. Perfect for celebrating special moments or as a luxurious gesture of appreciation, this gift box is a delightful journey through Italy's gourmet and design excellence.


      Key Features:

      • Fiol Extra Dry Prosecco:

        • Origin: Crafted in Treviso, Italy.
        • Grape Variety: 100% Glera.
        • Tasting Notes: A refreshing and balanced taste, with savory and sweet flavors, hints of Mediterranean spices and lemon.
        • Pairing: Versatile enough for picnics, elegant soirées, or Sunday brunches.
        • Awards: Celebrated for its smooth expression of Glera grapes.
      • Ichendorf Kokeshi Flutes:

        • Design: Two modern flutes with sculptural stems, designed by Denis Guidone.
        • Specifications: Handmade, lampworked glass; Height: 16.5cm, Diameter: 5cm, Capacity: 0.5L.
        • Aesthetics: Clear glass, dishwasher safe, adding a touch of contemporary elegance to any occasion.
      • Frisino Olives:

        • Source: Sourced from the family-run Frisino farm in Puglia, known for its high-quality olives.
        • Quantity: 240 grams total, 150 grams drained.
        • Ingredients: Regional Leccine olives in brine, offering authentic Italian flavors.



      • Beautifully presented in the DLISH Signature Collection luxury gift box, ensuring an exceptional unboxing experience.


      Ideal For:

      • A perfect choice for connoisseurs of fine wine and gourmet food, this gift box is ideal for those who appreciate the elegance of Italian cuisine and design.