Mark Rothko Inspired Luxury Art Gift Box - Limited Edition Collector's Set
John Logan's 'Red' Book in Exclusive Art-Themed Collector's Box
John Logan Red Book a tribute to Mark Rothko
Vintage Italian Red Stem Grappa Glasses in Rothko-Inspired Gift Box
Luxury Tuscan Grappa di Luce by Jacopo Poli in Limited Edition Art Gift Box
Artisanal Dark Chocolate with Ginger and Raspberry in Luxury Gift Box
Freud's 'The Interpretation of Dreams' in Rothko Artistic Gift Set
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    Rothko's Reverie: Limited Edition Artistic Gift Box

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      Discover the essence of abstract expressionism with 'Rothko's Reverie,' an exclusive, limited edition gift box, crafted in collaboration with Muse Archives and inspired by the legendary Mark Rothko. This bespoke collection, blending art, history, and sensory luxury, is designed for discerning art enthusiasts and luxury gift seekers. 'Rothko's Reverie,' brought to you by the unique curation expertise of Muse Archives, offers a premium gifting experience that embodies the spirit of Rothko's iconic style.

      Curated Selection:

      • Vintage Italian Long Red Stem Grappa Glasses (1950s): Savor the elegance of the past with these meticulously sourced vintage grappa glasses. Their long red stems are a nod to Rothko's iconic use of the color red, perfect for the connoisseur of fine vintage collectibles.

      • "Red" by John Logan: Immerse yourself in Logan's compelling narrative that explores Rothko's world. This book is a gateway to understanding the emotional depth and artistic intensity of Rothko's work, making it a treasure for art enthusiasts and literary aficionados.

      • Grappa di Luce by Jacopo Poli for Luce della Vite: Experience the aristocratic elegance of this exquisite grappa, aged in French Allier oak barriques. Its complex bouquet and enveloping taste make it an ideal meditation distillate for special occasions, appealing to the sophisticated palate.

      • "The Interpretation of Dreams" by Sigmund Freud: Reflect on the profound psychological insights of Freud with this classic text. This book complements Rothko's interest in the human psyche, making it a thought-provoking addition for those intrigued by psychology and art.

      • Dark Chocolate with Ginger and Raspberry (50g): Indulge in the rich, tantalizing fusion of dark chocolate, ginger, and raspberry. This gourmet bar offers a sensory experience reminiscent of Rothko's bold and emotive color palettes.


      Ideal For:

      • Art and Culture Enthusiasts: Delve into the world of Rothko and his contemporaries.
      • Luxury Gift Collectors: Discover a unique, high-end gifting experience.
      • Vintage Aficionados: Cherish rare, historically significant items.
      • Connoisseurs of Fine Spirits: Explore the depth and elegance of premium grappa.
      • Gourmet Chocolate Lovers: Satisfy your palate with luxurious, artisanal chocolate.


      Why This Gift Box Is Special:

      "Rothko's Reverie" is not just a gift box; it's an artistic odyssey. Each item is a tribute to the emotional vibrancy and profound depth of Rothko's art, offering an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. The box, limited in number, is a collector's dream, making it an exclusive and coveted item for those who appreciate the extraordinary interplay of art and luxury.


      In Collaboration With Muse Archives: Muse Archives, known for its exquisite curation of vintage and contemporary fashion pieces, brings its flair for timeless elegance to this collaboration. Their expertise in blending historical artistry with modern luxury perfectly complements the vision of DLISH, making "Rothko's Reverie" a masterpiece of collaborative creativity.