Marcel Duchamp Art Book in Exclusive Collector's Edition Gift Box
The Bôite de Duchamp: Exclusive Collector's Edition Gift Box
Luxury Italian Chocolate Liqueur in Art-Inspired Gift Box
Vintage 1950s Crystal Liqueur Glasses in Collector's Gift Set
The Bôite de Duchamp: Exclusive Collector's Edition Gift Box
Sustainable Chess Set in Duchamp-Themed Collector's Box
The Bôite de Duchamp: Exclusive Collector's Edition Gift Box
The Bôite de Duchamp: Exclusive Collector's Edition Gift Box
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    The Bôite de Duchamp: Exclusive Collector's Edition Gift Box

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      Immerse yourself in the avant-garde essence of Marcel Duchamp with "The Bôite de Duchamp," a meticulously curated collector's edition gift box. This exclusive, limited-numbered box, a collaboration between DLISH and Muse Archives, is a celebration of Duchamp's revolutionary spirit and intellectual curiosity. Each item within has been carefully selected to embody the fusion of art, history, and luxury, creating an unparalleled gifting experience for art aficionados and collectors.

      Curated Selection:

      • Duchamp Art Book by Janis Mink (Taschen): Explore the innovative world of Duchamp with this beautifully illustrated volume. It's an essential read for enthusiasts and collectors, providing an in-depth look at his revolutionary approach to modern art.

      • Pfatisch Chocolate Liqueur: Indulge in the luxurious blend of art and gourmet with this Italian chocolate liqueur. Its rich, creamy profile is perfect for elevating a fine dining experience or enhancing a coffee, embodying the sophistication of Italian craftsmanship.

      • Vintage 1950s Crystal Liqueur Glasses: Savor the liqueur in style with these elegant, long-stem glasses. Their vintage charm and exquisite design make them a prized possession for any collector, echoing the elegance of Duchamp's era.

      • Chess and Checkers Set by DJECO: Reflecting Duchamp's love for chess, this eco-conscious set combines strategic thinking with sustainable luxury. It's perfect for game enthusiasts and those who appreciate eco-friendly craftsmanship.


      Ideal for: 

      • Art and History Enthusiasts: Those passionate about modern art and its transformative history.
      • Luxury Gift Seekers: Individuals looking for unique, high-end gifts that stand out.
      • Collectors of Rare Items: Connoisseurs who appreciate limited, numbered editions.
      • Eco-conscious Consumers: People who value sustainability in luxury products.


      Why This Gift Box Is Special:

      The "Bôite de Duchamp" is not just a gift box - it's an artistic journey. Limited and numbered, each box is a tribute to Duchamp's unique perspective and contribution to the art world. From the thought-provoking art book to the luxurious chocolate liqueur, each element has been chosen to resonate with his legacy of innovation and intellectual exploration. This collector's edition is a rare and coveted item, making it the perfect gift for those who cherish the extraordinary and the inspirational.


      In Collaboration With Muse Archives: Muse Archives, known for its exquisite curation of vintage and contemporary fashion pieces, brings its flair for timeless elegance to this collaboration. Their expertise in blending historical artistry with modern luxury perfectly complements the vision of DLISH, making "The Bôite de Duchamp" a masterpiece of collaborative creativity.