Vintage Italian Crystal Decanter Set with 6 Glasses

    Vintage Italian Crystal Decanter Set with 6 Glasses

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      Indulge in the luxury of bygone eras with this exceptional vintage crystal decanter set, distinctively adorned with smoky gray accents. The decanter's base and lid, along with the stems of the six accompanying glasses, feature a rich smoky gray hue, setting this set apart in sophistication and style. Though reminiscent of esteemed brands such as Baccarat, Murano, or Lobmeyr, its precise origin remains a captivating mystery, further enhancing its allure.


      Key Features:

      • Unique Smoky Gray Accents: The glasses' stems, and the decanter's base and lid, are finished in a distinctive smoky gray, adding a modern touch to a vintage design.

      • Intricate Cut-Glass Detailing: Both the decanter and glasses showcase masterful craftsmanship, evident in their exquisite cut-glass patterns.

      • Dimensions: The decanter stands at 35cm in height and 15cm in width, while each glass measures 10.2cm in height and 6cm in diameter.

      • Versatility: Perfect for serving liqueur, dessert wine, grappa, or simply as an addition to your esteemed collection.



      • Elevated Aesthetics: The smoky gray accents provide a contemporary twist, ensuring the set complements both modern and traditional decor.

      • A Statement Piece: Beyond its functionality, this set serves as a conversation starter, blending vintage charm with modern elegance.

      • Diverse Utility: Suitable for various spirits, from wine to grappa, and equally fitting as a showcase piece in your collection.


      Collector's Note: In pristine condition, this decanter set promises to be more than just barware. It's a fusion of art and functionality, a piece that resonates with the luxury of vintage collectibles and the subtlety of modern design.