10 Unique Gift Ideas for VIP Clients 2021

November 04, 2021
by Nazmun Suma
10 Unique Gift Ideas for VIP Clients 2021

10 Unique Gift Ideas for VIP Clients 2021


Need some new gift ideas for VIP clients? Your clients are your lifeblood; without them, your business would not exist. So for those who are considered your most important clients, your VIPs, you may occasionally want to show them your appreciation for their business by gifting them something unique and memorable. While everyone’s tastes are different, narrowing down perfect gift ideas for VIP clients is possible, and it will show how much they mean to you and your company.

We’ve created an inspirational list that is chock full of our carefully cultivated gift ideas for VIP clients, with options including everything from rare food and drinks to beautifully designed handmade products from around the world. Our unique gifts will leave an impression on your most valued clients, and there’s no better way to show you value their business.


10 Gift Ideas for VIP Clients


1. Coffee Curation Box 


Our DLISH team built this delightful box for coffee lovers with discerning palates and an eye for style. It features 8.8 oz of classic Italian Mogi BLUE Coffee and 100 grams of Autore Chocolate Crocantes—delicious, crunchy bites with Mediterranean accents such as lemon and orange peels, pistachios, and sea salt crystals.

In addition to the unique and flavorful coffee and treats, the two Ichendorf Milano Espresso Glasses packaged alongside them will serve as the perfect cups for a full-bodied coffee like Mogi BLUE or any other favorites, even after the Italian coffee in the box runs out.

Some reasons to consider giving the Coffee Curation Box:

  • Almost everyone enjoys coffee and chocolate; it’s hard to go wrong with something as simple and delicious as this.

  • The Italian Mogi BLUE Coffee is rich with hints of hazelnut, dried fruits, and dark chocolate, sure to create enjoyment for coffee enthusiasts.

  • The espresso glasses are from the Ichendorf Transit Collection, featuring a rigid and sturdy design that will continue to last on top of their beauty.

  • Modernity meets elegance, giving this gift a unique take to something simple.


2. Special Edition Gin Box


We understand that coffee-themed boxes may not be the ideal gift ideas for VIP clients on your list, but drinks are practically universal. If you’ve ever wondered what are good gifts for VIP clients, then here’s your answer. When you want to give a touch of class in a glass, consider our Special Edition Gin Box that is curated and prepared exclusively from Milan, Italy. 

Featuring the aromatic and flavorful Giass Dry Gin created with 18 botanical flavors, the essence of taste is sure to delight anyone. Prized for its complex creation and intense flavors, Giass Dry Gin is beloved by many in Milan. This authentic and strong gin will give the most refined alcohol enthusiast something to savor.

To complement the sleek bottle of gin, we selected two delicately designed glasses to serve as a reminder of your gift long after the bottle of gin has run dry.

Some reasons to consider giving a Special Edition Gin Box: 

  • Uniquely prepared, Giass Dry Gin is delicious and memorable, perfect for gifting to a client you believe has a more refined taste. If your VIP client is a connoisseur of alcohol, this gin is sure to make an impression.

  • The box contains two glasses designed by knIndustrie for a modern, simple take on serving gin. The glasses included will last for other drinks as well.

  • Even once the gin is gone, the ornamental glass pieces that served as containers may be beautiful additions to a collector’s shelf


    3. The Glass Pot


    Does your VIP client list have a chef obsession? True to its name, The Glass Pot is a unique wonder to behold and one of the best gift ideas for clients. Designed by Massimo Castagna for knIndustrie, the creation of this pot features flame-resistant borosilicate glass, making it just as ideal for cooking over hot temperatures as a traditional pot. 

    In addition, since The Glass Pot is transparent, the chef using it can watch their food cook in high-definition and enjoy the fascinating wonders and colors of bright ingredients changing right in front of them.

    A separately sold lid cover is available for purchase, but it does not come with the main piece.

    Some reasons to consider adding The Glass Pot to your list of gift ideas for VIP clients:

    • With a height of 20 cm and a radius of 24 cm, it cooks most meal sizes.

    • Using colorful ingredients while using this pot creates a beautiful experience when watching the food cook.

    • As a well-built, durable gift, The Glass Pot can last many years if properly cared for and stored correctly.

    • It is also easy to clean after using for meal preparation.

    • The Glass Pot is versatile and relatively large, functional as a cooking pot, a serving dish, and even a champagne cooler. The limit to its practicality goes only as far as the imagination, making it one of the most valuable additions to this list.


    4. Bangkok Glass Teapot


    We love statement gifts, like this Bangkok Glass Teapot.Constructed of crystal clear borosilicate glass, it is an artistic wonder designed by Stefania Vasques for Ichendorf Milano.

    Elegance and refinement create a whimsical take on a classic piece of dishware, but we also love that the Bangkok Teapot is sturdy and robust. It handles the high temperatures necessary for proper tea making.

    This beautiful Glass Teapot belongs on your list of gift ideas for VIP clients because: 

    • It serves an average of three cups of tea, making it more valuable than a single-serving teapot. 

    • The elegant, transparent design is neutral enough to complement any collection of dishware.

    • The precisely crafted design captures the spirit and culture of Milan in Italy, serving as a functional piece of art.


    5. Lady Anne Moka Pot 


    Speaking of statement pieces with function, the Lady Anne Coffee Moka is the inspirational design of Lara Caffi for knIndustrie. It brings a delightful charm with its structure as a tribute to 18th-century design. 

    Another modern take on a traditional design, you can choose black or stainless steel to suit your client’s tastes. However, both versions beautifully blend design with function.

    Some reasons to consider gifting this elegant Lady Anne Moka:

    • It’s neutral enough in color to blend perfectly with any dishware set.

    • It makes four cups of coffee and includes a reduction filter.

    • The black version is aluminum-crafted, making it easy to clean and easy to use.

    • It’s versatile: electric or gas hobs are acceptable for use with it.


    6. The Tajine


    We select pieces from some of the most exceptional designers in the world, and the Tajine is no exception. This extraordinary cooking dish is a perfect combination of ancient structural design and modern kitchen needs. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, this traditionally styled slow cooker adds rich flavors to meals without sacrificing moisture. 

    The conical lid traps moisture when the heat rises to the top, trickling down the sides back into the wide base and cycling the flavours continuously into the cooking food. Plus, the non-stick aluminium base means you can use it on modern stoves and cleanup is a snap. 

    Why should the Tajine make your gift for clients checklist? Here are a few of our thoughts:

    • The Tajine has a striking and unique design, with neutral dark coloration to accent any theme.

    • It’s perfect for low-heat, slow cooking.

    • With a height of 26 cm and a diameter of 30cm, it’s large enough to create decently sized meals without becoming overwhelming.

    • Its distinctive design is matched only by its usefulness and the delicious food it can assist in preparing.


    7. "Tasting Threads" Murano Glasses


    We adore these “Tasting Threads” Murano drinking glasses as an addition to any home or office. Metallic threads lace through every centimetre of Murano glass, offering a sharply accented aspect that resembles stained glass. Indeed, what serves as a simple cup for drinking also parallels the appearance of fine artwork.

    In addition to the long glasses mentioned above, there are matching customizable shot glasses too. So whether you’re enjoying a delicious mixed drink or a simple straight shot of your favourite liquor, these vibrant and uncommonly designed threaded glasses are sure to make a memorable impression.

    Some reasons to consider giving these beautiful slender Murano glassware sets:

    • They have customizability; from colors to styles to numbered sets, every taste has a unique type. So finding your client’s favorite color shouldn’t be too difficult, adding a touch of personalization to these glasses.

    • Versatility and usefulness are at the heart of these beautiful glassware sets, built for use again and again.

    • Elegantly crafted Murano glass gives the glasses a unique and hardy charm.


    8. Olive Oil Curation Box


    Olive oil may seem like one of the most understated gift ideas for VIP clients, but we feel that this carefully curated box presents the opportunity to create a memorable experience. Inspired by the Italian tradition of pinzimonio, receivers of this gift have access to a dipping cup in which to pour the oil and one of two tubes of pink Himalayan salt mixed with black, red, and white pepper. The mixture serves as an antipasto appetizer in which raw vegetables are dipped and enjoyed.

    The amber-colored ‘coppetta’ possesses a rigid stem and well-sized base, sure to serve as a beautiful dipping glass long after the oil and salt mixture are gone. Designed as part of Ichendorf Milano’s Tutu Colore Collection, it shares the creative Japanese and Italian talents of Noa Ikeuchi and Tommaso Nani.

    Some of the other reasons we love this delightful Olive Oil Box include:

    • The inclusion of FRISINŌ Extra Virgin Olive Oil will delight the recipient of this gift. The bottle contains 250 ml of fruity, extra virgin olive oil straight from Puglia, Italy, creating an authentic, unforgettable flavor.

    • The cup is another semi-neutral design, perfect for keeping in a dish collection for future dipping or any other use the receiver sees fit.

    • The gift is more of a culinary experience than a plain bottle of olive oil, seasonings, and a dipping cup.

    • Raw vegetables may be the traditional use of the concoction of olive oil, salt, and colored peppers, but adding something such as garlic bread or a slice of sourdough can make it more versatile.

    • Whether they enjoy it alone or with friends, your clients will surely enjoy this seemingly simple yet unique gift.


     9. Premium Teas By The Rare Tea Company


    The Himalayan Ginger & Lemongrass tea is a delightfully tangy and bright loose leaf tea that combines lemongrass sourced from small organic farms across Sri Lanka, and pure ginger root gathered from the Himalayan region Sikkim in India. Sweet lemon drop flavors infuse with the rich flavor profiles of spicy ginger root, giving it an earthy, unforgettable flavor.

    The Lost Malawi English Breakfast tea is a delicious hand-crafted loose leaf tea sourced from an independent, family-run estate in the Shire Highlands. This estate is small and one of the oldest tea estates in Malawi, delivering a rich, malty flavor with this signature tea. With notes of caramel and burnt sugar, this tea is terrific black or even sweeter with the addition of milk or cream.

    The White Silver Tip tea is considered one of the rarest and most prized of white teas, gathered only within a short 20-day window each year from young spring buds in the remote mountains of Fujian before they open their leaves. This loose leaf tea possesses a delicate, unique sweetness that evokes a flavor of springtime long-stored over a cold winter.

    The Lemon Blend tea may appear simple at first. Still, it receives its lemon flavor profiles from vibrantly aromatic lemongrass sourced from Sri Lanka and Malawi, in addition to soft notes from delicate French lemon verbena. The two unique flavors combine to give this lemon-flavored tea a global, full-bodied sweetness. 

    Some reasons to consider these premium teas as gift ideas for VIP clients:

    • The unique and delicate taste of loose leaf tea is something many enjoy as an alternative to coffee for their morning routine.

    • With such a straightforward variety, choosing your client’s favorite may not be too difficult.

    • Each package contains 25 grams of loose leaves, allowing for more than a few cups of these delectable teas.

    • Since these premium teas possess a lower price tag than some of the gifts named so far, they may pair well with the addition of the Bangkok Glass Teapot higher up on the list.


    10. Pasta Curation Box


    Last but not least on this list of gift ideas for VIP clients is a lovely, artisanal package of the highest quality pasta and homemade tomato sauce. The Pastificio dei Campi Pasta is 125 grams of premium pasta packaged by hand; meanwhile, the Maida Cilento Tomato Sauce features 310 grams of traditional sauce sourced from Cilento tomatoes and offers a tangy, sweet addition atop the pasta.

    What’s more, contained in the gift box is a handmade ceramic bowl. This Bitossi Home Pink Splattered Bowl has a whimsical, one-of-a-kind design. It is sure to make an excellent addition to any dishware cabinet after your client has finished thoroughly enjoying the premium pasta and sauce.

    Some reasons to consider this delicious gift of pasta and accompaniments:

    • Robust yet straightforward, many people enjoy a classic meal of pasta with red sauce in addition to their favorite proteins and vegetables. 

    • Give an authentic Italian experience with these delicious gifts.

    • It potentially pairs well with the Olive Oil Box mentioned higher up on the list as an appetizer before serving the pasta.

    • Food is a universally loved experience by all cultures and all peoples, making this a gift that’s hard to miss the mark.


    What to Consider While You are Choosing Gifts for VIP Clients 

    When it comes to building a list of gift ideas for VIP clients, a good rule of thumb to follow is choosing something relevant that doesn’t appear cheap or last-minute. You may want to create a conversation about their preferences of a particular food, drink, or style. 

    At DLISH, we believe that curating a positive experience expresses the depth of your gratitude for their business. Our unique gift ideas are of premium quality and there’s plenty of variety to find something relevant to your client’s tastes. Additionally, providing something beautiful and functional that serves as a reminder of your appreciation speaks volumes. 

    Another vital thing to keep in mind when choosing client gifts, for VIPs or otherwise, is when you decide to send them. Whether it’s a yearly occurrence, during the holidays, or perhaps on the anniversary of when your specific VIP clients became one of your best customers, choosing when you send the gift can ease a bit of the difficulty around client gift-giving.


    Your Company’s Best for the Best Clientele

    Make a lasting impression on your VIP clients with some of these unique, diverse, and memorable gifts, and curate lasting relationships for years or even decades. Show your clients how much you value them, and display that your company always strives to offer the best for your best customers.

    We at DLISH want to offer everyone exciting, inspirational gifts and novelties to create experiences worth giving. Food, art, and design are our passions; sharing that passion with others is our driving force. Thoughtfully prepared gifts are more than just superficial exchanges here, and we hope that this inspirational list will give you some of your best ideas for gifts to give to your VIP clients.