Signature Collection

The DLISH Signature Collection are seasonal, limited edition gift sets designed for those with an eye for style and taste for exceptional cuisine. Each expertly curated and beautifully prepared gift box is an ode to fine craftsmanship, and an indulgent story waiting to be told.

Each Signature Collection derives its name from different design, gastronomic and artistic neighborhoods in Milan, Italy.

DLISH Coffee Gift Curation


La Famiglia Oliva Gift Box (Olive Oil Tasting Gift Box - Set of 3)


DLISH Prosecco Gift Curation


DLISH Balsamic Vinegar Gift Curation


DLISH Risotto Gift Curation


DLISH Wine Gift Curation


DLISH Olive Oil Gift Curation


DLISH Pasta Gift Curation


DLISH Special Edition Gin Gift Curation