The DLISH Table

It is around the table that boundaries are broken, relationship are cultivated and memories are made.

Our exclusive events are in collaboration with partners who share the same vision for slow, sustainable living. It is a rare moment where we bring together artisans, culinary experts and designers who are using traditional know-how and local resources to create exquisite tastes and inventive objects for elevating the precious moments experienced.

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Upcomings DLISH Table Gatherings

Our next collaborative DLISH Table gathering will be held in September 2022. As with all our gatherings, we will share stories and create unforgettable memories. To know more about the location and dates, please join our waiting list.


Past DLISH Table Gatherings
in collaboration with

Naples, Italy & Nerano, Amlfi Coast

Stemming from a mutual passion for food and design and the special moments shared around the table, the special 2-day event shared an exclusive insight into the most authentic Italian foods, the authentic art of hospitality and the forgotten world of artisans and fine craftsmanship.