The DLISH Table

Curated Culinary Experiences for Discerning Tastes
It is around the table where boundaries are broken, relationship are cultivated and memories are made.
Six women enjoying a themed DLISH dinner in Marrakesh, celebrating culinary traditions and togetherness.

Welcome to DLISH Table, where every bite is a journey into a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and sensory delight. Born from our cherished memories of moments around the family table, the DLISH Table represents the pinnacle of cultural culinary experiences. Every curated gathering and artisanal dish we showcase is rooted in deep tradition and storytelling. With a commitment to authentic flavors and communal dining experiences, we invite you to join us and immerse yourself in a journey of taste, heritage, and shared memories.

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Upcomings DLISH Table Gatherings

We are proud to host 'Shared Plates, Shared Stories' at our DLISH Table, embracing this spirit of unity and gratitude. We invite you to join our intimate gathering that blends the best of Persian, American, and Italian cuisines, creating a unique culinary experience. It's a chance to share our stories and traditions while forging connections that go beyond boundaries. Join this special evening, where every bite and story celebrates the richness of our diverse cultures.


Past DLISH Table Gatherings

Naples. Marrakech. Los Angeles. Milan. Treviso.

From themed dinners to multisensory tasting experiences, DLISH Table gatherings have celebrated culinary artistry and diverse cultures. Every event is a testament to our passion for weaving taste, tradition, and storytelling into unforgettable moments.