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    Long Tasting Glass - Murano Drinking Glass - Tasting Threads

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      Based in Beirut, Lebanese-Polish sisters Tessa and Tara Sakhi co-founded in 2016, T. SAKHI, a multidisciplinary architecture and design studio.

      In an increasingly fast-paced world, the sister architects place human interaction at the core of their practice and question our contemporary understandings of identity and living. They design both permanent and ephemeral spaces & objects, drawing from the emotional and psychological experiences by incorporating all five senses and memory.


      • Tasting Threads Collection is inspired by both Lebanese shapes and traditional Venetian craftsmanship, emphasizing the similarities that lie in these two very different Mediterranean cultures.
      • The plate and glass collection gives shape and color to two cultures. 
      • Made with beautiful and delicate Murano glass
      • Traditional iconic shapes of Lebanese tableware
      • Each handcrafted piece is combined with metallic threads
      • Dynamic collection with various shapes and sizes
      • Dimensions: Height 16cm, Diameter 5cm
      • Material: Metallic Threads & Murano Glass
      • Colors: Acquamarine, Alessandrite, Clear, Cobalt Blue, Dark Amber, Emerald Green, Grass Green, Light Amber, Light Amethyst, Light blue, Marine Green, Orange, Ruby, Steel Grey, Tea Green, Yellow