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December 05, 2023
DLISH Signature Collection Artisanal Gift Box

DLISH Signature Collection Artisanal Gift Box



"We've been sourcing and curating, with Duchamp and Rothko inspiring,
Artisanal tastes and stories, in each box we're wiring.
Our new DLISH gift collections are a creative embrace,
Of artful wonders and flavors, each with its own grace.
Step into a world where art and flavor intertwine,
A canvas of taste, where stories and colors shine.
Our boxes are treasures, more than just a gift,
A journey through creativity, giving spirits a lift.
With every artist's touch, and every creator's delight,
Discover a world in each box, where imagination takes flight."



DLISH Holiday Gifts: Beyond the Ordinary, Into a World of Artistic Narratives

As the holiday season draws near, the search for exceptional unique holiday gifts intensifies. DLISH stands out in this quest, offering not just gifts, but creative storytelling gifts that resonate deeply. Our luxury gift boxes are more than mere presents; they are narratives crafted with care, and designed to create memorable and unique experiences. From The Creators Vault to Tasting Curation Gift Boxes, each of our artisanal gift collections is a journey into a world of refined taste and artistic expression. Our curated gift boxes go beyond the ordinary, they capture the essence of luxury, creativity, and unforgettable storytelling.


The Creators Vault

DLISH's Creators Vault Collection offers a curated exploration of artistic mastery, perfect for those searching for luxury art gift boxes or unique literary gifts. Each set is a celebration of renowned figures like Mark Rothko and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, featuring limited edition art, artisanal flavors, and exclusive collectibles. These creative genius gift boxes are a must-have for art lovers and cultural enthusiasts, providing a luxury unboxing experience that delves into the extraordinary lives and works of history's most creative minds.


DLISH The Boite de Duchamp gift box for art history enthusiasts


  • The Bôite de Duchamp Box: For those who treasure art history and the avant-garde, "The Bôite de Duchamp: Exclusive Collectors Edition Gift Box" is a marvel. This collectors edition is a collaboration between DLISH and Muse Archives, celebrating the revolutionary spirit and intellectual curiosity of Marcel Duchamp. Each element within this box has been meticulously selected to embody the fusion of art, history, and luxury, offering an unparalleled gifting experience for art aficionados and collectors.


  • Rothko's Reverie: Limited Edition Artistic Gift Box: Experience the profound artistry of Mark Rothko with "Rothkos Reverie," a limited edition artistic gift box thoughtfully curated by DLISH in collaboration with Muse Archives. This collection is an embodiment of abstract expressionism, designed to intrigue and delight art lovers and luxury gift collectors alike. Within this exclusive set, you'll find vintage Italian grappa glasses echoing Rothko's iconic red, a compelling narrative on his life, and a taste of aristocratic grappa, paired with gourmet dark chocolate. Each item is a nod to Rothko's emotional depth, making "Rothkos Reverie" a gateway to a luxurious, art-filled journey.


  • Marquez's Mosaic: The Ultimate Colombian Literary Gift Box: Embark on a literary odyssey with "Marquez's Mosaic," a DLISH gift box infused with the spirit of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's magical realism and the vivaciousness of Colombian culture. This limited-edition box, crafted in collaboration with Los Trapitos al Sol, is a sensory homage to Marquez's narratives, perfect for those who adore the intricacies of storytelling and the richness of Latin American heritage. Each item in the collection is a piece of the Colombian mosaic, echoing the lush landscapes and vibrant tales of Marquez's world. Ideal for literary connoisseurs, cultural enthusiasts, and seekers of unique, immersive gifts, "Marquez's Mosaic" is more than a gift box—it is an invitation to experience the legacy of a Nobel laureate and the cultural tapestry of Colombia.


DLISH gift box for the person who has everything 

DLISH Marquez's Mosaic gift box for Colombian literary connoisseurs


The Tasting Curation Gift Boxes

For the epicure and the curious alike, DLISH Tasting Curation Gift Boxes offer a culinary voyage unlike any other. Each box is a collection, a handpicked harmony of gourmet chocolates, artisanal amaro, premium olive oils, and exotic teas, carefully chosen to tantalize the palate and enrich the senses.

These gourmet tasting sets are more than just a feast for the taste buds; they are a curated exploration into the diverse world of fine foods. For those seeking unique foodie gifts, our Tasting Curation Gift Boxes provide an opportunity to savor rare flavors and indulge in the luxury of true artisan craftsmanship. Perfect for sophisticated palates and adventurous gourmands, these boxes solve the dilemma of finding exceptional culinary gifts for those who appreciate the subtleties of world-class gastronomy.


DLISH gift box with artisanal flavors and limited-edition collectibles


  • Bella Italia Amaro Explorer Collection: Discover the "Bella Italia Amaro Explorer Collection" from DLISH, an artisanal Italian liqueur selection that's a must-have for luxury spirits enthusiasts. This premium liqueur gift set offers a curated taste of Italy's heritage, featuring exclusive, handcrafted flavors like Limoncino and Mirtillo. Ideal for gourmet gift seekers and artisanal beverage aficionados, it is a journey through Italy's rich, spirited landscape, presented in vintage Italian glassware. Elevate your gift-giving with this limited edition liqueur collection, a celebration of authentic Italian artisanship.


  • Artisanal Global Tea Tasting Box: Savor the essence of global culture with the DLISH "Artisanal Tea Tasting Journey", an expertly curated collection that takes you through the world's finest tea estates. This exclusive set is a celebration of rare and artisanal teas, each with its own story, selected for its distinctive character and rich heritage. Perfect for tea connoisseurs and enthusiasts, this box invites you to experience the art of tea with an assortment that includes Rare Malawi English Breakfast Tea, Traditional Earl Grey, and Green Tea & Mint, complemented by a unique Raz Maker Tea Strainer for the ultimate brewing experience.


  • Italian Chocolate Tasting Collection: Gourmet Gift Box: Indulge in the timeless elegance of Capri with the "Indulge in Italian Elegance: The Faraglioni Chocolate Tasting Gift Box by BluCapri." This exquisite curation, a collaboration with, is not just a collection of chocolates; it's a narrative that captures the essence of Italian luxury. Each praline, from Lemon to Salted Caramel, is a testament to the artisanal expertise and sustainable luxury that BluCapri embodies. Perfectly paired with the innovative "WAVE" container, it redefines the chocolate-tasting experience, marrying functional design with culinary artistry. Ideal for connoisseurs of fine chocolate and Italian craftsmanship, this gift box is a unique, luxurious journey through Capri's sweetest flavors. 


Elevate your cocktail experience with this Negroni mix gift box, featuring premium ingredients and a stylish presentation.


For the Cocktail Aficionado: The Negroni Mix Gift Box

Explore the art of elegant mixology with the DLISH Negroni Mix Gift Box, a must-have for every cocktail enthusiast. This luxury cocktail kit transforms your space into an upscale home bar, perfect for holiday entertainment or as an exclusive gift for the home mixologist. Featuring top-quality ingredients for crafting the iconic Negroni, it's an essential addition to any premium barware collection. Ideal for both seasoned and aspiring mixologists, the Negroni Mix Gift Box is your ticket to becoming a connoisseur of classic cocktails.



At DLISH, our philosophy is to elevate gifting into an unforgettable experience, one that endures well beyond the holiday sparkle. This festive season, transform your gifting into a narrative of enchantment with DLISH. Each of our luxury gift boxes is a reflection of emotion and story, designed to leave an indelible mark on the heart. With DLISH, you’re not just selecting a gift; you’re intricately weaving memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Begin a voyage of extraordinary gifting with DLISH. Explore our unique artisanal gift collections and let the allure of our handcrafted treasures redefine your holiday celebrations.


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