Whisky & COCOA-Free Gianduja Gift Box
Whisky & COCOA-Free Gianduja Gift Box
Whisky & COCOA-Free Gianduja Gift Box
Whisky & COCOA-Free Gianduja Gift Box
Whisky & COCOA-Free Gianduja Gift Box
Whisky & COCOA-Free Gianduja Gift Box
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    Whisky & COCOA-Free Gianduja Gift Box

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      The COCOA-Free Gianduja & Whisky Gift Box brings together luxury, sustainability and innovation. Elegantly curated with mindfully sourced items, the unique gift box couples an indulgent gianduja-style log made with Italian hazelnuts and WNWN's cocoa-free chocolate with the organic single malt Scotch Whisky sustainably produced by Nc’nean Distillery. Explore the exceptional tastes of innovatively produced delectables and share the gift with your loved ones.


      About WNWN Food Labs

      Based in London, England WNWN Food Labs (pronounced ‘win-win’) was founded in 2020 with the mission to create a win-win situation for food producers, consumers, and the environment. Using technology to transform humble plant-based ingredients into high-value, sustainable and ethical treats, WNWN is the first company in the world to bring cocoa-free chocolate to market. 

      Its proprietary process of traditional fermentation techniques converts sustainable ingredients including British barley, used for centuries in beer and whisky, and carob, rich in polyphenol antioxidants, into premium cocoa-free “choc” that looks, smells, tastes, melts, snaps and bakes like the real thing—and feels just as indulgent. It’s also dairy-free, palm oil-free, caffeine-free, gluten-free, lower in sugar than comparable products, and even safe for your dog since it contains no theobromine.

      Adding luxury and design to their ethical and sustainable products, WNWN has created an indulgent, limited edition gianduja-style log made with Italian hazelnuts and WNWN's cacao-free chocolate to be included exclusively in a series of limited edition DLISH gift boxes.  Read More about WNWN


      • Cocoa-Free Gianduja
        • Made in London, England by WNWN Food Labs
        • Made with Italian Hazelnuts and British barley
        • Contains nuts
        • Vegan 
        • Dairy-free
        • Palm oil-free
        • Caffeine-free
        • Store in cool, dark place


      About Nc'nean Distillery 

      “Made by nature, not by rules” is the motto of Nc’nean, an independent and organic whisky distillery that’s on a mission to shake up Scotland’s famous dram. Based on Drimnin Estate on Scotland’s rugged west coast, the young distillery promotes low-impact whisky production through the use of organic Scottish barley and renewable energy. The company also reuses 99.97% of all site waste and bottles its whisky in 100% recycled glass bottles. Read more about Nc'Nean


      • Organic Single Malt Scotch Whisky
        • Made in Scotland by Nc'nean Distillery
        • Bottle size: 700ml
        • Batch: 13
        • Casks filled: March-May 2018
        • Bottled: January-February 2022
        • ABV: 46%
        • Barley: 100% Organic Scottish 
        • Yeasts: Anchor & Fermentis
        • Natural Color
        • Non-chill filtered
        • Cask mix: 35% ex-American Whisky casks, 65% STR red wine casks
        • Tasting notes: Citrus, peach, apricot and spice